"Chestnut Street"

Our guest review today comes from Nancy Croson, a retired teacher at Washington High School. Nancy is on the membership committee for the Friends of Washington Public Library. She’s an avid reader who enjoys mysteries and historical fiction.

"Chestnut Street," by Maeve Binchey, is set in Dublin, Ireland, in the 1990's. Each chapter in the book is a story in itself, highlighting one of the residents of Chestnut Street.

The street is shaped like a horseshoe with small houses built close to one another. The residents are modest individuals who are employed in occupations such as window washing, cab driving, flower arranging and teaching.

The characters are contrived by the author's imagination but are so convincing that it is easy to emotionally connect with them.

Maeve Binchey wrote about these Irish characters as individual vignettes and then stored the stories in a drawer "for the future.” “Chestnut Street” is a compilation of these stories, published two years after her death.

All Binchey fans will enjoy this well-written book.