"Kids These Days"

Sometimes you need a little novel-humor in your life. Weeks ago I started “Kids These Days,” a second book by Drew Perry.

Sad to say, I set it aside when another book beckoned from the bookcase. This weekend I’ll return to the mayhem and madness experienced by Walter, the main character in “Kids,” a man whose wife Alice is expecting a baby—an addition he isn’t sure he should have agreed to.

Walter’s life gets even more complicated when he loses his job as a loan shark. Needing a place to live rent free, Walter and Alice move to the Sunshine State lock, stock and barrel, to take up resident in Alice’s late great-aunt’s condo. After a series of strokes the old gal succumbs to a “catastrophic” stroke, “a whole-system power surge that left her dead on the pink chair that was still right there in the bedroom.”

Life spirals even more quickly out of control when Walter accepts a job working with Alice’s shady brother-in-law, Mid. Before Walter knows what hits him, Mid’s given him a sizeable check, and Walter’s being pursued by the police.

There’s sure to be plenty of laughs when I get further into this book. I’ll keep you posted.