"Nick and Tesla's High Voltage Danger Lab"

When Nick and Tesla went to their uncle’s house to spend the summer at Half Moon Bay, while their parents are away watching soybeans grow, they find out their uncle is a mad scientist. Their uncle lets them build a rocket and whatever else they want.

They test the rocket and accidently launch it into the old Landrigan place, an old mansion. Nick and Tesla try to use an old keypad, to ask the man living there, to get the rocket and Tesla’s pendant that she lost while working on the rocket.

As they are trying to get the girl’s pendant back, the mysterious black SUV that followed Nick and Tesla and their friends, Silas and De Marco, kind of makes the story seem like they are being chased by an unknown man.

I would tell other kids to read this book because of all the suspense and disasters with Nick and Tesla at their uncle’s house for the entire summer. The book made me feel intrigued and on edge wondering what was going to happen next.