"The Blood Guard"

Changing schools is never easy; being considered odd is even worse, but having a name like Evelyn Ronan Truelove when you are a boy is social suicide. Evelyn, who would really rather be called Ronan, finds out that all of his so-called oddities are actually really important.

Since he was picked on in kindergarten by an older boy, Ronan's mother has enrolled him in every type of class. He has taken multiple types of martial arts, defense classes, survival training, gymnastics and even dance lessons.

When his mother picks him up after school Ronan is surprised, but that surprise turns into disbelief when they are immediately followed. An exciting car chase ensues which kicks off the action packed book, "The Blood Guard," by Carter Roy. When escape seems impossible, his mother pulls out a cutlass, which is a type of curved sword that I usually associate with pirates, and fights off the fake police officers.

Before sending him to Washington D. C., his mother explains that she is part of an ancient group, The Blood Guard. It is her job to protect The Pure. The Pure is comprised of 36 humans who keep the world from falling into chaos just by living ordinary lives. Somehow the Bend Sinister have discovered who they are, and they have come to kill them and hopefully find a Pure.

Ronan must work to survive as the Bend Sinister chases him, Jack Dawkins, and Greta Sustermann. Jack is the guard he was supposed to meet per his mother's instructions, and Greta is a girl from his old school who shows up on the train. Ronan cannot figure out why they are after him or what they will do to him if they catch him. All he knows is that he is going to avoid capture at all cost and find his mom.

"The Blood Guard" was a great read. It was a blend of old and new with ancient sword fighting and yet to be invented guns. I had a great time following Ronan on his adventure and trying to guess why he was being chased. Also, the action kept pouring in, there was never a dull moment. The author kept me guessing about who the mastermind was behind the Bend Sinister, who Ronan's mother was protecting because he/she was a Pure, and if Ronan would ever see either of his parents again. I can't wait for the next installment in “The Blood Guard” trilogy to see what adventure Ronan will get up to next.