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Monday 06/27/2016
Review: "Her Again"

Meryl Streep is an anomaly in a film world dominated by male stars and women whose acting careers typically end at age 40. Streep has continued to be a successful female actor since the 1980s, playing substantive, memorable, complex characters.

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Chris Stuckenschneider of MO Books

No matter what the time of day or night, you'll find Chris Stuckenschneider paging through the latest novel or immersed in a stack of picture books for Book Buzz consideration. A longtime literacy advocate, Chris will keep you in the know about books. Page on with The Missourian's book editor--news, reviews and more for book lovers of all ages. To read her blog entries, click HERE.

Mo Books Blog

  • Review: "Mirror in the Sky"

    Tara's name might mean "star," but to her she’s anything but in Aditi Khorana’s novel “Mirror in the Sky.” The real stars of Tara’s universe a…

    • icon posted: June 24
  • Review: "Couple Mechanics"

    Today we welcome a review from Antoinette West, a member of Scenic Regional Library’s Bourbeuse River Book Club.

    • icon Updated: June 23
  • Review: "Sleeping Giants"

    Sylvain Neuvel’s “Sleeping Giants” is a page turning, sci-fi political thriller that features international political conspiracy, alien puzzle…

    • icon posted: June 22
  • Review: "Fairytales for Mr. Barker"

    Fairy-tale fun abounds in the peek-through story “Fairy Tales for Mr. Barker,” a romp through fantasyland written and illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg.

    • icon posted: June 21
  • Review: "The Noise of Time"

    Englishman Julian Barnes is the author of 20 previous books. He has won numerous awards including the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 2011 for…

    • icon Updated: June 20
  • Review: "Jungle of Stone"

    In the early 1800’s, there were rumors of large and unusual stone ruins buried deep in the jungles of Central America. Hidden in the hot, feti…

    • icon Updated: June 16
  • Review: "The Passenger"

    When Tanya Dubois finds her husband dead at the bottom of the stairs, her first instinct is to resuscitate him. When that fails, she tries to …

    • icon posted: June 15
  • Review: "Ruby Lee and Me"

    Imagine a world where black people couldn’t go to the same school as white people. You don’t have to use your imagination too much because thi…

    • icon Updated: June 14
  • Review: "Kick Kennedy, the Charmed Life and Tragic Death of the Favorite Kennedy Daughter"

    Countless books have been written about the Kennedy family; Barbara Leaming adds another, this one about “the charmed life and tragic death” o…

    • icon posted: June 13
  • Review: "Douglas You Need Glasses"

    It’s as clear as the long nose on his face – the only thing that’s clear for the  pup in “Douglas, You Need Glasses.” When the hound thinks he…

    • icon Updated: June 10
  • Review: "Missing Pieces"

    “Missing Pieces” by Heather Gudenkauf, is a fast-paced, action packed thriller that will keep you guessing. Of all of the books I have read an…

    • icon posted: June 09
  • "Kick Kennedy"

    Countless books have been written about the Kennedy family; Barbara Leaming adds another, this one about “the charmed life and tragic death” o…

    • icon Updated: June 13
  • Review: "Architecture's Odd Couple"

    In this informative and revealing dual biography, Hugh Howard describes the interconnected and often conflicting careers of Frank Lloyd Wright…

    • icon posted: June 08
  • Review: "A Green and Ancient Light"

    Frederic S. Durbin’s “A Green and Ancient Light” is a charming tale that combines fantasy and history into a quiet yet suspenseful story about…

    • icon posted: June 07
  • Review: "Summerlost," by Ally Condie

    It's been a year since Cedar's father and her brother Ben were killed in a car accident. Cedar's mother has moved her and her other brother Mi…

    • icon Updated: June 09
  • Review: "We Love You Charlie Freeman"

    Kaitlyn Greenidge offers a hard-hitting, controversial, touching take on modern life, and the trials that accompany it in her gateway novel “W…

    • icon Updated: June 06
  • Review: "How to Make Your Money Last"

    Jane Bryant Quinn’s latest book covers almost every aspect of retirement finance. Most of its recommendations are for those who have just reti…

    • icon Updated: June 02
  • Review: "The Portable Veblen"

    “The Portable Veblen,” by Elizabeth McKenzie, presents itself as an eclectic glimpse into the life of Veblen, a young woman with a life-cast f…

    • icon Updated: June 01
  • Review: "This is My Dollhouse"

    Store-bought toys are nice, but playthings that sprout from the imagination have lasting charm. Two little girls in “This is My Dollhouse,” le…

    • icon Updated: May 31
  • Review: "The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins

    Thomas Hawkins survived debtors prison in “The Devil in the Marshalsea.” Now he returns for a second adventure through London’s underbelly in …

    • icon posted: May 30