To The Editor:

A free man’s right to own private property is the foundation for wealth creation.

Our country, founded by men believing that no king, parliament, or nobility owned what they produced, rebelled against property being first taken by government and then proportionally returned according to the whims of government.

Today, nobility takes our wealth, decides how much to return after taxes, gorges on unlimited spending, and enslaves future generations.

Now, the piper must be paid. Elected nobility wrings their hands. “Which tax cuts to keep?” “Which rates to increase?” “Who is the best target for our legalized theft?”

Every tax plan touted by Congress maintains chains of slavery – income tax. Appearing a little weaker or made of fewer links, it remains a tool of enslavement. Why?

Political power. Favorable loopholes generate donations and votes to politicians’ war chests for the next election.

Enslaved workers, chained by audit fears, remain ignorant of the fair tax structure, which destroys nobility’s power while exploding wealth creation.

Not one major player in today’s congressional nobility promotes the fair tax. Not one media court jester demands an audience before the king to explain the Fair Tax HR25.

Workers, helpless to prevent stealth of family wealth, are enslaved as nobility thrives.

Beverly A. Martin