To The Editor:

Regardless of your opinion on ObamaCare, Missouri’s rejection of the Medicaid expansion is bad governing. But what should we expect from this new Republican Party?

On the national level Republicans have thrown a tantrum, putting ideological imperatives before the good of the country. Why should less crafty politicians in Missouri behave maturely?

In other states common sense has broken through. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (a Tea-Party Republican), caved to common sense saying, “Restoration of Arizona’s Medicaid program will inject nearly $8 billion into our economy over the first four years alone. This means thousands of quality jobs in every part of our state. To reject this funding while neighboring states have already said ‘yes,’ would only place Arizona at an economic disadvantage for years to come.”

This is money that has been taxed from us, and politicians like Brian Nieves are letting it go to more liberal states because he’ll force his ideological purity on our citizens to their detriment. This is anything but common-sense conservatism, this is about something much more important to him.

Welcome to Missouri where campaign donors take precedence over common sense, and “public servants” like Brian Nieves do the bidding of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

After all . . . multinational corporations are people too, right?

Rob Compton