A former Clark-Vitt Elementary teacher was given five years’ probation for a conspiracy to commit sexual assault charge as part of a plea deal.

Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Bob Parks said Matthew R. Rogers, 31, was sentenced Thursday in Osage County by Judge Robert Schollemeyer.

Rogers cannot go into establishments where the primary sales are alcohol, he must complete a domestic violence class and pay restitution owed in the case.

He is required to report to a probation officer and the charge will not appear on his record provided he successfully completes probation.

Rogers and Brad J. Julius were accused of having sex with a 37-year-old Union woman in 2011 without her consent.

Julius was convicted of sexual assault by a Franklin County jury. He was sentenced to 90 days’ shock time in the Franklin County Jail followed by five years’ probation. He is required to register as a sex offender.

Julius was released from jail after serving 21 days pending an appeal.

Rogers entered into a plea deal for the lesser charge of conspiracy to commit sexual assault in exchange for testifying against Julius in court. He is not required to register as a sex offender.

The charge of deviate sexual assault was dropped against Rogers as part of the plea deal, according to Parks.

Union police said Rogers and Julius met with the victim at Hagie’s Nineteen and then later at her home where the two men had sex with her.

The victim had been too drunk to consent to sex, according to police.

Rogers was an assistant basketball coach at Union High School and sixth-grade teacher at Clark-Vitt Elementary.

Parks explained that sentencing hearing was held in Osage County, but it was not transferred there. He said Thursday was the only time the judge, Rogers’ attorney and Parks could meet.