To The Editor:

Today, I will attempt to be the devil’s advocate.

First, many Americans feel that our country can do nothing right. Yet they want something for nothing, as freeloaders. What would happen if every able-bodied American had to clean up their neighborhood? No welfare handouts unless they did something to earn a handout.

The fallout over the Martin-Zimmerman trial is stupid. There was no black versus white situation. My question to black leadership is: What about the black upon black murders nearly every day?

Another gripe. Far too many young drivers are dying in accidents. Speed, alcohol and failure to obey traffic safety rules usually happen when they copycat situations they see adult drivers do every day. From a very early age they see adults practice unsafe driving habits. Driver education starts at home.

Also, where were the voiced objections to the bashing of Reagan or Bush? The stink at the state Fair is stupid. Is being politically correct only a black situation?

Last, but not least, there appears to be a conspiracy among Washington gas station owners. Why are gas prices usually higher in Washington? Areas around us will almost always be cheaper. Example: Aug. 19, Union was 20 cents a gallon less. The only answer is greed.

A. D. Harding