To The Editor:

A few years ago with the Senate approval of the ACA plan the people complained they did not want a government employee between them and their doctor, some agreed and some did not.

I did a lot of recent research I did after notification of a change in the formula of my mandated prescription drug Part D program; I have been told a few people now stand between me and my doctor who writes my prescriptions for tier one generic medications.

I have been notified of a change in their formula affecting me, to change my prescribed tier one generics to a higher tier. I asked the insurance company and the pharmaceutical provider who gave them the authority to override my doctor’s prescriptions. It was explained by both entities the pharmaceutical manufacturers and the pharmacist association meet once a year and agree it is OK for insurance and providers to allow generic medications to higher tiers, as these are elevated to higher tiers, the cost also increase to us.

Now I have a few more people standing between me and my doctor, “the pharmaceutical manufacturer, pharmacist association, insurance company, and the medication provider, apparently all with approval of the federal government.

These medications are being changed by all the above without the approval or permission of my doctor or Medicare, and the Missouri State Department of Insurance has no control of any Part D pharmaceuticals. It is under total control of the federal government, Washington, D.C.

I have asked my federal representatives, both sides of the aisle, to stand and represent me and all affected by this program. Response so far is there is nothing that can be done, another victory for corporate and industrial America.

Robert Robinson