A Sullivan veterinarian is now making “pet calls.”

Dr. Connie Medling of Pet Country Housecall Veterinary Services will see pet patients in their homes in Sullivan and surrounding areas.

According to Medling, housecall veterinarians are gaining in popularity.

“House calls are convenient for the elderly and the disabled,” she said. “Busy professionals also will find that my services save them valuable time. I can meet them before or after work so they don’t have to interrupt their full work day.”

Medling said making house calls can also be easier on pets. Some cats are difficult to get into a carrier and hate riding in the car and puppies can get carsick. Also, older pets will not have to get in and out of a car.

“Pets are often much calmer and easier to work with when they are home with their owners,” she said.

Medling is able to provide most services that are routinely done in a clinic at her patients’ homes, such as vaccinations, complete exams and even hospice services.

Seeing patients in their home environment also can make it easier to diagnose a problem, she said.

“I may notice that one pet is picking on another, or that the type of litter in the cat’s litter box may not be appropriate,” Medling said.

Medling also offers at-home euthanasia when people have to put their pets down.

“Being at home with your pet during this time keeps him or her in familiar and comfortable surroundings and allows you the time, space and privacy to say goodbye in your own way,” she said.

Medling plans to schedule regular appointments from Tuesday through Saturday.

For more information, people may call 573-241-0172, or visit www.petcountryvet.com.