Barack Obama has failed to deliver on the promises he made four years ago. He says he needs four more years to make good on his promises, which included moving the country to better economic times. That hasn’t happened. We’ve had high job losses, high unemployment and the overall economic situation is marked by dwindling opportunities. The hope he generated four years ago is no more.

The question of “are you better off than you were four years ago” is valid. The answer is “no.”

We continue to have layoffs. There are too many obstructionist and regulatory policies formulated under the current administration, according to business owners. This past summer the president said the private sector is doing fine. If he believes that, he’s out of touch with reality.

Is Mitt Romney the right man at the right time to govern America? We hope that he is. Romney is from a more American background than Obama. The two candidates grew up in different cultures. Obama, through no fault of his own, was raised to believe in a different America, one in which the government is dominent in the lives of people, and is the chairman of the board in the business world. His comment that people didn’t build successful companies — the government did it for you — goes against the grain of hard-working, entrepreneurial Americans who seize opportunities to obtain success. The Obama concept of the American dream is that government should guarantee it through socialistic practices that include high taxes to pay the bills.

Romney is from the school that government should exist to protect and show the way to opportunities, but let the people do the driving without being burdened with federal restrictions that override state and local government rules. He believes in a strong defense to protect us from terrorists and war-minded countries, and to enhance our standing in the world as the No. 1 military force. He is against some of the defense cuts Obama wants to make.

Romney wants a return to where America has the respect of other nations because of its generosity in helping people in need and the careful use of military force when necessary. Like Obama, and other Americans, Romney wants us out of Iraq and Afghanistan in an orderly withdrawal procedure, and with caution.

Romney is solid on energy, both on the older practices and the newer technology. He doesn’t rule out coal completely while Obama wears a hat that is a bright green in regard to coal.

The increase in the national debt under Obama is a disgrace. If he is re-elected, we fear it will keep increasing. It is our hope that Romney’s plan to control borrowing will work.

On education both candidates talk about reforms and access. Obama is with the unions that have placed roadblocks on reforms. Romney is strong on access and as a former businessman understands the value of community colleges. Romney is the strongest on accountability.

On taxes, Romney is not a tax and spend advocate. Our tax codes need some revisions. Our confidence is with Romney on this issue while Obama is a “tax the rich more, the poor less and help the middle class.” The poor don’t pay any taxes now. The burden falls on the middle class and that’s where reforms are needed. A relevant question is where do you draw the line on the rich and middle class?

Obama does not compromise. He said he would unite the country. His actions have been divisive. He doesn’t believe America is exceptional. When asked about that, he said something like every country believes it is exceptional in some manner. He needs a course or two in American history.

On all of the issues facing America today, we trust Romney more than Obama. Four years of Obamaism is enough!