To The Editor:

This is a response to Dr. Friedman’s letter. I read Dr. Friedman’s letter Wednesday, then watched the news, then the “News Hour” on Channel 9 at 6 o’clock.

The big news now is fiscal cliff. First they went to President Obama, so far so good. Then they went to Speaker of the House John Boehner at the House podium. What do you know no less than four Star of Davids (the Jews’ gang sign) staring back at me. Next Eric Cantor has something to say. What do you know there it is again, Star of David, right next to his head, positioned just so. Next, Sen. Bob Corker has something to say. They go to Sen. Corker, in the Senate, you guessed it, Star of David, Jews’ gang sign, right over my eagle’s head.

Our Founding Fathers put those 13 stars in a circle for a reason and the Jews are changing them to the Star of David for a reason.

I can remember a couple of guys getting run out of Mexico City for putting their gang sign above Americans.

Time should never change that, and who you are shouldn’t make a bit of difference.

My question is: How widespread is it? How many of America’s flags and seals have the 13 stars in a circle, the way our founding fathers put them on our first flag, and how many have the 13 stars shaped into the Jews’ gang sign?

One is too damned many and I know it’s more than one. I’ll never get used to it and I hope I live to see it changed back. Dr. Friedman wanted facts, not fantasy. Unless my eyeballs are lying to me, those are a few.

Hopefully the paper will print the answers to my questions. Then everyone can make their own decision.

Thank you.

Keith E. Strobel

New Haven