To The Editor:

Yes, the generosity of Americans is quite evident — I see it right here in Washington and the surrounding communities.

And, yes, sadly to say, there are some people on welfare who abuse the system. The comment that was made about some people coming for assistance in late model vehicles and being well dressed — be careful — I am guilty of having made that judgment.

In fact, I so much as went to the client’s home to check on this late model vehicle and lo and behold that vehicle was parked in the neighbor’s driveway. As I continued my “investigation” I found out that the neighbor allowed them the use of their vehicle to not only pick up her monthly supplies, but to also take their child to the doctor. I felt like a fool!

As far as the “poor” having a washer and dryer, I sure hope they do because it is so much cheaper than going to the laundromat. As for a cellphone, they need some means to call the doctor or the emergency room or someone when help is needed.

When it comes to a computer it is my understanding you better have one if you have a child in school — sending school information home, homework assignments and so on. Schools sending information home, etc., will soon be a complete thing of the past.

And thank God for the freezer. At least when certain items are on sale or as a lot of them do is to use coupons, they have a means to store extras and thus saving money. I sure hope they have a refrigerator and that it is not held against them.

And what is the definition of to “live well?” Can anyone answer that question?

And again, I agree there are those people who abuse the system — it’s never going to be a perfect system. But let’s look at the ones who are truly deserving human beings. We need to think more positively instead of being so negative. Let’s just all do the best we can with a smile on our face and know we are making our communities a better place to live in because of our generosity.

Fritzie Alferman

Director of Pregnancy Assistance Center