Earlier this week Hillary Clinton released her new book, “What Happened.” The book chronicles how she lost her campaign for president in 2016. Do you have any interest in reading her book? Why or why not?

These questions were asked Thursday, Sept. 14, at the Washington Public Library.

Woman, 52, Union: “Actually, yes. I’d be more interested to hear her take on what actually happened, opposed to what all the reporters actually think happened.”

Woman, 38, New Haven: “No. I just don’t read political things.”

June, 86, Labadie: “I might read it, just to see what her ideas are as opposed to what maybe I think, or other people think they are.”

Beverly, 80, Krakow: “Sure, I like her. I’m a Democrat.”

Robert, 41, Washington: “No. I’m not into politics.”

Woman, 49, Washington: “Absolutely not. I don’t believe anything she says.”

Woman, 76, Washington: “I would probably read it just to see what all she went through.”

Man, 77, Washington: “It wouldn’t make me any difference either way.”