From the Archives: Weekend 122813 edition

Photo ID's from our readers:

1970-71 Washington High School Varsity Basketball team.

1st row (l - r)  Barry Luecker, Bill Harmon,  David T. Jones, Phil Malinkrodt, Steve Balvin, Mark Beas, Jerry Fennessey.
2nd row (l - r) Jim Helfrich, Eric Means, Russel ?, Dean Steiger, Jerry Backs, Larry Vanderkankp,  Coach Whitacre.
Back Row - Mike Maeser, mgr.,  Alan Eye, mgr.,   _______? mgr.
Submitted by Bill Whitacre
Front row from left to right is Rich Sibole (me), Keith Peterie ( a guess), Brian Duncan, Gary Stevens, Tim McDonald, Carl Shook (a guess), Bret Triplett (a guess). Back row left to right is Ken Rennick, Kevin Wilson, Scott Hummel, Nate Hagedorn, Sturat MacDonald, Mike Manhart, and the coach I do not know.
If you could for me, tell me when and where the picture was taken.
Submitted by Rich Sibole

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