From The Archives Photo: Weekend 100513 Editon

"Brush Your Teeth!"

This image from the Missourian Archives ran in the October 5th weekend Missourian.

Photo ID's from our readers:

"From left to right: Matt Feldmann, Stacy Klott, Tim Brinker, Beth Gurgurich, Angela Schummacher, Kelly Hellmann, Brett Maune. March 1, 1988"--Joette Maune

"Photo was taken at St. Francis Borgia Grade School in 1987l. These third graders were taking part in a tooth-brushing demonstration presented by the Health Occupations class from the Wash. Vocational School. Starting at the left are Matthew Feltmann, Stacey Klott, Tim Brinker, Beth Grgurich, Krista Huxel, Kelly Hellman, and Jacob Bauer."--Judy Parmentier

"I think that's actually Angela Schumacher with the dark hair. Definitely Stacey Anderson in the back. And the boy in front of Stacey is Brett Maune."--Julie Baker

"And i think the child in the far back right corner is my daughter, Stacey (Anderson) Barrett."--Brenda Obermark Smith

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