To The Editor:

To U.S. decision-makers and citizens:

Please reject President Obama’s unilateral request to cover his - - - limited bombing of Syria, for the following reasons:

1) Our intelligence agencies have shown they do not have intelligence (or inclination) to know who are the good guys (if any) or the bad guys, as related to U.S. interests.

2) If we help either side, the other side and public opinion will bite immediately. It’s a no-win situation for which we have no control.

3) We have no responsibility to insert our money (now only debt) and resources into the quagmire of another nation’s ambiguous business (civil war).

4) We should not dig Obama out of his own latest personal sinkhole. U.S. image already is in the mud, based on his many “faux pas” (European for societal blunders).

5) The 1,600 murders by poison gas, however heinous, are pale as compared to hundreds of thousands to millions murdered in the recent past by others, without significant action by our government.

6) We should double our commitment to our only real friend in the Middle East, rather than giving Israel a thumb in the eye.

7) The U.N. is toothless, as related to U.S. interests.

8) Obama’s exit strategy of “limited” is amateurish.

9) The president has no authority to act unilaterally, since no emergency exists.

10) He has allowed weeks for Assad to move critical targets and personnel, so the destruction of chemical weapons will be fruitless, but will incur collateral damage to those we seek to protect.

11) Force the Supreme Court to clarify the president’s constitutional authority, if we are still a nation under the rule of law.

12) Impeach if necessary.

13) A bankrupt government cannot be “compassionate.” A socialist government can only be compassionate until it runs out of its citizens’ money and its debt is debauched.

14) Keep our powder dry for a true emergency in the near future.

James Goggan