To The Editor:

I had no intention of writing this letter but, after reading the article in the Weekend Missourian, decided to add basically the same thoughts as expressed at the board meeting regarding Mr. Lause.

We know transfers are made all the time, at any time, but this particular transfer was done so poorly, especially for the children. My granddaughter spoke about his absence several days before we heard he was not coming back. She cried as did many children and continued to ask: where did he go, why did he leave, will he come back, when will we see him again? The very least, for the children’s benefit, he should have been given the opportunity to say goodbye.

He was not only an excellent principal, but a friend to both parents and children; any special needs child and parent could rely on Mr. Lause for extra help in any way he could. He is a very intelligent man, his expertise is dealing with children, not computers. He has excellent rapport with children and that talent will be wasted on computers.

My granddaughter would prefer not going to school, but Mr. Lause was always there to encourage and provide that extra little push that some children need and also to provide discipline in a positive manner.

Whatever the reason for this unexpected departure, everyone deserves a second chance, especially one who has devoted years to the care, guidance and education of our precious children.

I have to agree with Tammy Heathers’ comment “life has been sucked out of the school.” The entire situation is so sad.

We wish Mr. Lause well and thank him for being the topnotch principal and friend he was.

Thanks for allowing me to express an opinion.

Grandma Harriet

Harriet Boal